Do you want to grow your leadership but feel stuck?

We bring you coaching + training to help you act with purpose and engage with relevance.

Take a moment and think about your career or your market-share. Do your customers know you care for them? Do you know that your teams have fully embraced your leadership and brand? That difference between your desired verses present state is costing you traction and growth. It is what hinders your chances of taking your career to the next level. At iWeza, we approach leadership as a lifestyle, not just a function.

Certified Professional Coaching

I am now a Certified Professional Coach (accredited by International Coach Federation). This versatile coaching certification allows for coaching across competences and positions.

Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. It is the process that empowers you to consistently develop solutions of your own.

In an ever-shifting work and business environment, you may find it difficult to navigate the terrain ahead of you. Do any of the following statements reflect your current status?

  • I am struggling to develop meaningful life goals or I can’t seem to attain those I have set.
  • I feel there is more I can offer, yet my career seems to be heading nowhere.
  • My family is out of balance and I am at my wit’s end. My desire to be a better parent.
  • I desperately want to grow my leadership to better serve my team or community.

Through conversations guided by powerful questions, we partner with you to discover your own answers. This is a process that empowers you to consistently develop solutions of your own. Find out what coaching can do for you by booking for your assessment using the form on the right.

Leadership Training

Welcome to a practical online course designed from real-life experience. It is your 6-module online training that consists of 18 carefully packaged lessons. Each lesson has a worksheet and practical cases for your reference. These lessons will help you, your team or even family members to navigate through deliberate steps to become authentic leaders.

Leadership Safari has partnered with Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) and BMITA Group.  This strategic partnership offers you the opportunity of a certificate that you can add to your portfolio.

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